Accomplishments: 2010-2014

  • Have raised every previous platform issue promised to the public
    (2010) with varying levels of success.  Please see tab”Fulfilling Election Promises 2010″

As part of the Board I am proud of:

  • Two school resource officers (police officers) working with our
    students to build positive relationships on a daily basis.
  • Have maintained a low level of taxation.
  • New track, soccer pitch, science labs, elevator and windows at St. James Collegiate& George Waters Middle School.IMG_0562
  • Reduced administration costs by eliminating one of our 3 assist. superintendent positions.
  • Trustee involvement in the selection process of new school
  • Promoting a Winnipeg Protocal for Threat Assessment which also encourages all support agencies to work together for the common good of at risk students.



                                                                             Students taking part in the Annual Terry Fox Run on the new St. James Track.